Bride & Groom Package- £340

                                                              Consists of four x 75-minute sessions                                                                                                                                (Package equal to 300 minutes of therapy - normal price £425)


At this wonderfully exciting new phase of your lives, you are going to face lots of joint decisions which can be stressful, leading to possible anxiety as you strive to make your day perfect. Even with a wedding planner, you are still in the driving seat agreeing or disagreeing with their designs, and that is on top of the day to day things like going to work, running a home, and often children to be cared for!

                    Sleepless nights are very common for couples organising a wedding.

The Bride and groom package is designed to take away stress and worries, leaving you both clear-headed ready to make those choices without the agonizing procrastination that can happen.

Enjoy quality sleep, wake to feel refreshed and ready to meet any daily challenges you may encounter.


Each session is bespoke and tailored to both of your specific needs.- If you need a session the day before your wedding then I may be able to help you whether that`s in person or online.

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