When you hear the word hypnosis what do you think about.....stage entertainment, mind control?

There is no mystery or magic trickery with hypnotherapy, it is a very natural state of being.

You have already been in the deepest hypnotic trance, every time you dream at night when you are in the REM (rapid eye movement) state. Hypnosis is simply tapping into this state while you are awake.

The most REM you ever experienced was in the three months before you were born, that`s because your brain was being programmed with things you needed to survive, things like how to recognize a nipple to feed on, knowing to avoid dangerous heights, how to learn a language, and so on. 

So to change unhelpful unconscious learnings as an adult, lack of self-confidence, anxiety,                            low self-esteem and so on we can go back into the REM state and this is called hypnosis.

Using hypnosis natures inbuilt programming state, we can take deliberate control of our unconscious mind to fix unhelpful patterns of behaviour and get the very best from yourself.