Stopping Smoking - £250

                 Consists of one x two-hour session that comes with a Stop Smoking Reinforcement CD,                 

and Post Session Support.


    I am not going to talk about the damage smoking does to your health or how people that don't smoke          tend to live a longer more active life. I won`t go on about the money you could save by not smoking,                 I won`t even bother telling you how much fresher you, your clothes, breath or skin will smell              because you already know these things, otherwise you would not be reading this!

              It is not my place to tell you that you need to stop, that decision can only come from you,                             but I can tell you that hypnotherapy empowers you to make better choices, that can help you              not want to smoke, is much easier than trying not to.

If you are motivated enough to stop smoking, then hypnosis is one of the most proven tools to help              people like you.

The best day to quit smoking was the day you started,

The next best day, is today!

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