Wedding Hypnosis



The emotional side of wedding planning can be very daunting! whose invited, who not invited,                      seating plans, relatives that you have to invite but don`t know.                                                      

Do you need to lose weight before the wedding, to fit into that dress or suit?                                                  Does the best man need help to make his speech?                                                                                                  Are you worried about flying to the honeymoon, or what happens on the honeymoon itself?

There are so many potential worries and stressors for this fabulous occasion,                                                    and they all too often come at a cost to the Bride, Groom, and their collective family                                        and friends as they struggle over so many decisions to get everything perfect.                              

     Weddings rank in the top ten list of stressful things you can do in your life.

                                             But why should that be so?

So what if you could take all of the stress out of situations that bother you?

My name is Zena Rogers and I specialize in helping you take the stress out of your special day.               I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist and I have a number of different solutions to help                               you and your day run smoothly. 

I work from the Healing Horizons Holistic Centre in the historic town of Waltham Abbey in Essex.         ( just 5 minutes from junction 26 on the M25) 


You can choose anything from a single session for yourself, to a Hen Party pamper day.

Why not browse through the wedding packages to see what best suits your needs.